Disk Defragmenter

Each defragmenter program uses different algorithms/methods to defragment the disk and arrange files. Do not use multiple defragmenter programs. Find one you like and only use that one. Using different defragmenter programs will keep re-arranging your files by different methods.

To run Disk Defragmenter:
In the lower right hand corner of your screen are some tiny icons.  Right-click once on each icon to display the menu, and if you see Exit or Disable or Stop, then left-click on that command to select it.  Some of the icons won't have this type of command (like your video and sound) and that's fine.

Turn off your screen saver: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display.  Click the Screen saver tab, and in the drop-down list underneath "Screen Saver" (click the down arrow to get it), select None (at the very top).  Click OK to finish, and then close the Control Panel window.

Go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter.  Make sure the C: drive is selected and click Defragment to start.  Turn your monitor off and let the program run.

When Disk Defragmenter is complete, close the Defragmenter Window, turn your screen saver back on and restart your system (Start -> Shutdown -> Restart).

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