Computer Preventive Maintenance Schedule

With proper maintenance you can avoid trouble and keep your computer running at peek efficiency. The basic steps are:

  • Keep your operating system up-to-date with all the latest security releases.
  • Run an anti-virus program regularly to keep your computer bug free.
  • Run system utilities regularly to make sure your hardware is operating correctly.

This is a schedule you can use as a guide.

  Daily Weekly Monthly Annually
Delete Temp Internet Files X      
Delete Temp Windows Files X      
Run Virus Scan   X    
Windows Update   X    
Run Spybot   X    
Run Ad-Aware   X    
Check for Updates to Java   X    
Run Disk Cleanup     X  
Run Scan Disk/Check Disk     X  
Run Disk Defragmenter     X  
Check for Updates to Adobe Reader     X  
Clean Computer, Mouse, Keyboard & Monitor       X

This is a nice video tutorial on how to clean your computer hardware.