You can dowload Spybot Search & Destroy here.

To run Spybot:
Close all programs and windows.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.  Double left click on the Spybot icon.  Click on the box "Search for Updates".  If there are any updates, put a check in the box beside each update and click on the "Download Updates" box.  Once the updates are finished, click on the "Immunize" icon.  If there are any new items to immunize, click on the "+Immunize" icon.

Click on the "Search & Destroy" box then click on the "Check for Problems" box.

If the scan has found something, the list will show it. There are three basic kinds of results:

  • Red entries indicate spyware problems that should be fixed to avoid security and/or privacy problems. This is the only kind of problem that is pre-selected to be fixed.
  • Black entries are system internals.  If you do not know what they mean, I would suggest to either keep your fingers from it or visit the support forum.
  • Green entries indicate usage tracks.  It can do no harm to remove or leave these.

You can now select the problems you want to fix, by clicking the checkbox before it, or by selecting all using the button Select all problems (this button will only be able in advanced mode by enabling the expert button setting).  More selection options are available if you look into the context menu (by right-clicking a problem). The context menu will also allow you to exclude single problems or whole products from further scans (you may later change the exclude settings from the Excludes section).

Once you are sure you have selected what you want to be removed from your computer, press the "Fix selected problems" button.  You will see the fixing progress at the bottom status bar.

If problems can not be fixed now (because they are still loaded and can't be terminated, for example), Spybot-S&D offers to run on next system start, so you can check and fix again.

Should you notice at any later point that you have removed more spyware than you wanted, you can always restore it from the Recovery section.

When done, close the program.

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